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Find  skim spots and skimboard events from around the world with our skim  spot map and skimboard event map. There are some spots that don't have a  page, becausd they have less written information. If you know a  specific skim spot that have not yet been implemented to the map, or  have more information about a spot, click here.

The concept behind Skimspots.com is to make it way easier to find new  skim spots. When we get more sources of information about new skim  spots, the website and the map will automatically update in less than 48  hours. Do no hestitate to add or edit spots here  or email us at support@skimspots.com if you have any questions. We will  put your skim spot into the map if it’s not there already. When you  send information about a spot, please provide the skim spot’s name,  google map link or coordinates, a description, and pictures that we can  use. You can look up upcoming events on this website as well just click here or click on the ‘Events’ tab on top of the site to find the upcoming events.

If you want the map on your phone just click here.  We have created an android app (IOS coming soon) for the map. The app  is still being developed. You can download the app on the Google Play  Store.

Thank you for reading, and visiting our website.

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